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"THEIR" Story:

This homeowner wanted to upgrade to a more modern look. We gutted out their guest bath tub and completely re-designed the look of the bathroom. Turn the tub shower into a walk-in shower glass door concept.  In their master bath, we removed walls that were restricting space and also removed soffit ceilings. Turned their suffocated master walk-in shower into a half-wall/half glass enclosure with large glass doors. Also turned their master vanity into a double sink vanity, maximizing their space

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"THEIR" Story

When we met this owner, her only huge request was "Maximize my closet space"...and that we did. Their closet was separated by a partition wall between hers/his; unfortunately, they only had a 14'x14' area. We tore out all partition walls, closed out master bathroom access, and added lighting and porcelain floors to add enthusiasm to the room. Instead of invading the center part of the closet, we built a closet system to go around the perimeter of the 14'x14' area. From that point forward, the owners did the rest. This was a team effort.

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